Since the covid-19 broke out globally, Our Stores has been paid sustained attention to the development of the epidemic. In this difficult time, the health and safety of you and our employees are the priorities we concern.

To continue to fulfill customer needs and ensure safety, we have taken following measures:

Our own factory ensures continued safe and timely support to meet customers’needs, fully in compliance with public health authority suggestions and local government regulations, and practicing strict disinfection processes as usual.

Implement stringent measures and protocols to ensure that our employees can support customers in a safe way.

COVID-19 is a huge challenge for all the world, but Our Stores believes that we’ll defeat it with our joint effort. We really appreciate your constant support and love, it
means a lot to us. This time, we are still fighting side by side as always. Together, we’ll make a difference!

Remember, Our Stores is always here with you. Sending hopes of health and safety to you all. ❤